Produce Schedule

All products are organic.
Vegetables are picked to order in season.


Starting June...

Vegetable Availability Dates
Green Onion 8-10 Weeks
Radish 2-3 Weeks
Spinach 3-4 Weeks
Pac-Choi 5-6 Weeks
Buttercrunch Lettuce 5-6 Weeks

Starting July...

Vegetable Availability Dates
Broccoli 8-10 Weeks
Cauliflower 5-6 Weeks
Carrots 12-14 Weeks
Beets 12-14 Weeks
Swiss Chard 10-12 Weeks
Kale 12-14 Weeks
Zucchini 10-12 Weeks
Sugar Snap Pea 2-3 Weeks
English Pea 2-3 Weeks
New Potatoes 10-12 Weeks
Cabbage 12-14 Weeks
Cherry Tomato 10-12 Weeks
Cucumber 6-8 Weeks

Starting August...

Vegetable Availability Dates
Heirloom Tomato 4-6 Weeks
Basil 4-6 Weeks
Green Bean 4-6 Weeks
Corn 4-5 Weeks

Starting October...

Vegetable Availability Dates
Potatoes 4-6 Weeks
Buttercup Squash 3-4 Weeks
Sweetmeat Squash 3-4 Weeks


Starting Mid June...

Fruit Availability Dates
Apriums 2-3 Weeks

Starting in July...

Fruit Availability Dates
Cherries 3-4 Weeks
Apricots 2-3 Weeks
Blueberries 6-8 Weeks
Peaches 6-8 Weeks
Plums 6-8 Weeks
Nectarines 5-6 Weeks

Starting in August...

Fruit Availability Dates
Pears 3-4 Weeks
Apples 6-8 Weeks

Goat Cheese and Yogurt

Available April 1 - December 15

Creamy Chevre Cheese

Plain and Herbed

Continental Yogurt
Fruit Lassi


Available MAy 1 - NOVEMBER 1

Goat Milk Soaps
Bees Wax Candles
Herbal Liniments, Salves & Tinctures
Smudge Sticks
Tumbled Stehekin River Rocks

Honey and Maple Syrup

Available MAY 1 - November 1

Stehekin Valley Organic Raw Honey
Stehekin Valley Organic Raw Maple Syrup
Organic Mountain Bee Pollen